7 W/ 2 M/ Extras

On an elementary school playground, a boy threatens to tell on a group of girls for swearing – unless one of them kisses him. But just before lips can touch, Kyeoung tackles the boy to the ground. The victory is short-lived. Over the coming years, Kyeoung herself is knocked down again and again. By an alcoholic dad. A group of quick-to-judge friends. And an endlessly invasive parade of men. As we follow Kyeoung from the discoveries of childhood to the realities of adulthood, her stories get stranger, funnier, more harrowing – and more familiar. How do girls grow up? Quickly, painfully, wondrously.

i wrote on ur wall and now i regret it

Flexible Casting

PLZ “Like” + come c this play bout u & me & all of US b4 I KILL myself jkjkjk lol dot dot dot this -----> is a collage about the 1nTerne+ and t€xT!nG and how much I <3 U + the CONNECT/DISCONNECT when we r signed ON and/or OFF :) :) :) and the probz :( in communication among the digital generation found IRL (in real life)... AKA this is a poetic hyper-textual collage exploring human communication, love and relationships, and disconnection/connection in the age of the Internet.

Pornography For The People

4 W/ 3M

Pornography for the People is an eclectic mash-up of interwoven stories, of both real and fictional characters, that navigates the trajectories of four Chinese “netizens” as they act out their fantasies and lives via the Internet. Meet Mu Zi Mei, the notorious sex blogger whose fame and happiness dwindles as her anti-patriarchal lifestyle becomes an official target. Meet Gordon, the British expat turned journalist, as his research and sex life become dangerously entwined. Follow Yi Yi, the farm girl turned Do-It-Yourself pornographer whose skewed views on sex play into her risky lifestyle. Lastly, watch the fall of Mr. Lin, the respected magazine editor who becomes a public nuisance when his falsified online literary fame hits government officials a little too close to home. Inspired by real interviews, banned blog posts, government issued statements, news articles, and scientific research, Pornography for the People is the first part of a trio of plays, entitled Netizens, that attempts to understand worldwide policy-making (SOPA, Green Dam Youth Escort, etc.) and the prevalent attempt at censorship in today’s increasingly technology-dependent social and economic spheres.